Release 1.0.0 Patch notes

We're quite excited at Azarus to be bringing you this first Open Alpha release of the game.
As an Open Alpha, the first thing you'll notice is that you will be able to access the game without having to "Authorize" it first. Anyone on an active stream will be able to start the game immediately.

The main improvements you will notice are:
  • Visual Updates:
    • New Onboarding Screen
    • Wave leaderboard shows your progress in-between questions
    • Support for more than 3 boosts through a "carousel"
  • Balancing:
    • New account get a free chest at creation.
    • BUFF: Superstar boost now increases the wave score by 50%
  • New Boosts:
    • [Rare] Lightning: Bonus Score for fast answers! Double Score Bonus if >50% time remains.
    • [Rare] Megastar: Increases your score by 100%
    • [Rare] 50/50: Reduce Choices down to 2
    • [Epic] SuperMegaStar:Increases your score by 150%